Moss in a Shoebox


When I was about seven or eight years old I had the good fortune to be able to become a Brownie Girl Scout. This afforded me the grand opportunity to wear a lovely little brown outfit complete with matching, knee socks, sock holder uppers, pins, sash, belt and the literal crowning glory, a little felt beanie. Words can not express what wonderful pride I had to don that little number to school, to wear it before my classmates as if I were a four starred general, or the queen of England for that matter. Although I can not remember what we did, other than to collect a dime each week for dues and say our Girl Scout promise I do remember looking forward to that meeting all week.

One of my most vibrant “snapshot” memories of childhood which is etched in my mind and comes back to me repeatedly in vivid color is of a trip I took with my Brownie troop. We took an outdoor nature hike to Chickamauga Battlefield. I had a shoe box which I was told I could use to store any items of interest I found. Our leader bent down to show us a patch of emerald green moss and explain what it was to us.

I do not remember what she said or even who she was. I do not remember who else came on the trip but I do remember carefully collecting a specimen of moss in my shoebox and being allowed to bring it home. This has such a monumental effect on me. Who could have known this would be one of those color memories that just will never fade. It truly brought me joy to have that moss in my shoebox. I felt as though I was carrying a box full of priceless gems and in a way I was . Perhaps this is why I still feel like the little Brownie Girl Scout when I go out in the woods and am in awe of the majesty and miracle surrounding me.

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  1. I think I need to take my kids moss hunting in the woods behind our house tomorrow. What a wonderful memory of a treasure no store would sell 🙂 –Kelly

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